'Where there is no vision, the people perish.' — Proverbs 29:18

Welcome to Post Apathy, a writing workshop for pet projects, cultural critique, our place in the cycle(s) of history, and a variety of other subjects that matter to me.

I chart the course for a renewal of Islamic civilisation in the 21st century. Islamdom suffers from civilisational bankruptcy, and the only way out is to create the conditions for a true renaissance in cultural and intellectual production. How that could be achieved occupies much of my writing. However, Post Apathy isn’t for idle thinking: my writing is an evolving blueprint on what to do to contribute to this effort.

I also write about America’s influence in the world from the perspective of an imperial subject of American Empire. I now and then may dabble in some thinking about Britain and its predicaments. Having exhausted those topics, I write errantly on broader historical processes, political theories, and other minutiae.

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Alternative future states for civilisation.


Rogue ponderer and master of illegibilities.