This is a fantastic start toward an Islamic renaissance. As you correctly notice, intellectual and creative endeavor require more than a cohesive elite class, they require patronage. But these networks can only develop in an environment of proper authority. No matter the form of governance, it needs to be able to defend its borders from outside influence, thus earning the mandate of heaven through strength and security. I have outlined some general themes we can borrow from vitalism that I believe Islamic civilization has lost. Themes such as mannerbund (asabiyah) and eugenics (proper breeding of elites) that need to be embraced by the sovereign to start sowing the seeds of culture again. I think these themes come before a diffusion of literature, since without security and abundance, the rose withers.

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This is a wonderful piece that speaks to a fundamental issue I feel is plaguing this generation. While I recognize the necessity of an Islamic cultural renaissance, it seems bottle necked by the existing academic frameworks. As a youth interested in this effort, I feel doomed to be molded by the soulless academic way of writing.

Do you have any practical suggestions for a student on learning how to truly write?

Thank you!

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